Deborah Shaer: Contemporary Artist, Mixed Media

Artist Statement

I am a contemporary art.  I experiment with mixed media and in my figurative work I tend to explore psychological and metaphorical elements alluding to disparate parts of the psyche and the unraveling of complex layers. The idea of inner space is connected with my abstract and semi-abstract artworks related to my mindfulness meditation and my therapeutic work. I see this as a parallel of what is invisible yet palpable and containing.  However, I am always experimenting with the making of art and I see this as an infinite inner and outer journey of expansion. For me, inspiration is key.  In my blog and other parts of my website I often make digital changes from sketches in my art journals. I get a real kick out of seeing the transformations through these processes. 

I tend to work in acrylic paint for my larger pieces, though when I begin to work on something it can start out as a scribble using pencil, pen or ink. I experiment with the space and juxtapositions of shape and colour to find the expression and emotional temperature of my subject. I usually work in layers and whatever mistakes emerge become a part of the process. I tend not to use a ruler to make straight lines unless the intention of the image is to appear sharp. I prefer things to be non-symmetrical, like people and nature. I consider the effect of underlying texture or colour seeping through as a parallel process, such as a person’s past experiences building character and depth in the way that may shape some aspect of their personality.

- Deborah Shaer