Example of a Rescuer:

"oh you poor thing, let me help you."

An unpure heart attached to delustional beliefs such as 'I am better than you.' The Rescuer is a Shadow aspect of the psyche, not to be confused with someone who does not carry a toxic agenda - their giving, and care is coming from a place of equality and respect. DS

Author: Deborah Shaer, 3 May 2016 London


The symbolic features of the spiral is widespread and can be seen in ancient art such as mandalas, dance such as the Sufi mystics and the whirling Dervishes, architecture, artefacts and mystical teachings such as Kabbalah and the Tree of Life (Purce, 1974).

The Meeting of Western and Eastern Psychologies

Photograph by DS 2016 

Capacity for caring, loving unconditionally

The Vedic Teachings from India contain knowledge about the physical and non-physical aspects of the body. In Ayurvedic and Ancient Thai massage (Sen Sib) 'the physical body has a brain with a spinal cord connected to it which contains thirty one pairs of spinal nerves.' The non-physical aspect is believed to parallel the physical nervous system. Essentially, the premise of these teachings relate to Life Force, known as Prana (or Chi energy). (Chaithavuthi & Muangsiri (2012: 31).

Communication, language, intent, tone

'Broken puppet' DS 2016


A place or healthy self-empowerment vs loss of power​​

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Deborah Shaer​: artist & Arts Therapist 

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'A nasty cup of tea' DS 2016

The Shadow within the Negative indicated in the Drama Triangle 

Fig (1) corresponds to the Throat chakra - Fig (2) corresponds to the Heart chakra - Fig (3) corresponds to the Solar Plexus