Etcetera is a word not normally used in
academia. When we write etc. it’s frowned 
upon. “Lazy person” low grades looming.
But also etc. is saying there is this, this and this
And there is more of this. That’s how I see it. 
There are four ‘I’s’ amongst 188 words.
I’m trying not to say ‘I’ too much. It’s a challenge.
But using the passive form feels unnatural
As if there’s nobody home.

Copyright Deborah Shaer 2016. All Rights Reserved


The words relate to the plasticity of the brain.
Neuroplasticity activates when neurons fuse
in attraction, passion, fireworks, ecstasy
Heralding a momentous change in the brain
And suddenly there is more space in there
For sharper memory and real intelligence. ​


8 March 2016, ​London

Plastik Prizm doesn't follow the rules

in spelling. The sounds resonate

with the shapes. It’s dyslexia friendly.

Easier for those learning how to engage in English. I like the shapes of k and z.

There is also seeing, and seeing how we see
Then asking new open questions. Curiosity
Awakening. Thinking stretching like 
An arc waving across the sky like a prism 
Reflecting something. Like who we are really
And learning extraordinary realisations about 
Life, Art, seeing through illusion etcetera. 

Art  Child-Adolescent Psychotherapy  Education

Deborah Shaer​: artist & Arts Therapist